If you’re like most millenials, you think getting in the car to buy more toilet paper is so 2005. And driving from store to store to find the right gift for your parents? A few minutes of scrolling during your lunch break will do just fine, thank you very much. Amazon has changed the way we shop in drastic measure. A whopping 76% of consumers say they shop on Amazon most of the time.1

If that many of us are spending that much of our paychecks at Amazon each month, how much could we possibly be spending? We finally know the answer. A research group reported that the average Prime member spends $1500 per year–$125 per month–while non-Prime members spend $625.2

So where do you stand? Here’s how to look up your Amazon spending:

  1. Go to Amazon.com and hover over “Account & Lists”
  2. Click “Your Orders”
  3. Change the date to your desired range
  4. Pull out your calculator!
  5. Did you spend more than $1500 last year? You have an above average AQ.

The bad news: Amazon isn’t always cheapest.

All of that Amazon shopping comes with a hidden cost. While those smiling boxes frequently contain bargains, other stores often have even lower prices. A savvy group of developers took note and created a simple tool that compares Amazon’s prices to its competitors while you shop. It’s called WikiBuy, and it’s a free plugin for Google Chrome. Browse Amazon like usual, and let WikiBuy vet prices against sites like Walmart, Target, eBay, and Jet. If WikiBuy finds a lower price, a cheaper checkout is a click away.


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