Thinking of switching to solar power, but still on the fence about it? It does take an initial investment to set up your first set of solar panels, but the benefits start right away. The biggest long-term benefit of all is probably cost savings, and that’s the number one reason you should consider switching, but there are a number of other advantages as well. Let’s take a look!

Conserve energy because it’s good for the environment.

Conventional fuel sources take a tax on the environment, both in terms of harvesting and production. Solar panels on the other hand do not tax our non-renewable resources, and there are no harmful emissions released into the environment. That makes them the best green energy choice. If the whole world ran on solar power, we could say goodbye to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Installing solar panels is a way to step into the future!

Solar energy works night and day.

There’s a big myth that solar energy only works during the day when the sun is shining, and at night, your power could go out. No way! That is not how it works. When you draw on solar power, you also stay connected to the grid. If your panels do not soak up and store enough energy for you to use, you can draw from the grid. And when your panels soak up more energy than you are using, it gets pushed back into the grid. When that happens, your electricity meter goes backwards, and you are credited power—and money—back. So in essence, you pull from the grid the same energy your panels produced. How cool is that?


Save on your energy bills.

Seriously, how expensive are your utility bills? Imagine if you could not only lower them, but enjoy a predictable fixed rate. While you are paying off your solar system, your monthly rate should be set in stone (depending on your provider of course). After that, your power is free!

You might even make money!

There are a lot of government incentives to go green these days with home construction, which is why the EPA and Department of Energy offer tax credits to people who install and use solar energy panels. On top of that, some states actually let you sell the excess energy you generate and push back into the grid. Yes, your solar panels could actually generate some extra income!


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